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I design and code websites. I love working with startups, small businesses, and places where I can have an impact and make a difference. I believe great projects focus on a ease of use and a simple and clean aesthetic; a combination which inherently leads to the creation of something beautiful.

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Budgetting App


Chrome displays a different height than what Chrome says the height should be.

I was changing the height of an element, but no matter where I specified the height, it wasn't displaying what I was putting in

How to Make Bloated Software that Doesn't Suck

I like simplicity and ease of use, but I also like making software that accomplishes a lot. I think it's a challenge to add robustness without adding complication and negatively impacting ease of use...

Google Analytics Sucks

Yeah, it's a little blunt and harsh, but over the years I've been growing more and more disatisfied with the tool...

A Nicer Select Dropdown

Better select boxes are all over the internet, but I actually couldn't find one that I liked, and that worked for what I needed...

Removing the Horizontal Margins on a Google Chart Graph

I seem to be able to successfully modify quite a bit with google charts, but I couldn't find a good way to remove the horizontal padding to the left and right of a google graph. From what I can find, there really isn't a good way to do it...

PHP JSON Returned As Object Instead of Array

I was returning, what I thought was an array from PHP, but it kept returning it as a json object...

My Emerging CSS System

My attempt at doing CSS better.

Data: The End of Web Design as an Art

What is the role of the designer when everything is designed by data?

Movies That Offer Entrepreneur Inspiration

There are a lot of results in Google for Inspirational Entrepreneur movies, but they all listed pretty much the same movies...

My Backend is Better than Yours

For some reason I found myself in a subreddit where someone started the familiar post on why their backend programming language was better than PHP...

Random Video Backgrounds

I don't know how early Paypal adopted the video-as-banner-background trend in comparision with other websites. It was one of the earliest places that I personally saw this design pattern appear...

More Time at the Office

On your deathbed, are you going to wish that you had spent more time at the office?

Do Bounce and Conversion Rates Matter?

I attended an interesting usability lecture/meetup today, with a talk by Jared Spool. I enjoyed the talk -- it definitely got me thinking, but I disagreed with more than a few points.

Can We Please Stop This Infinite Scroll Madness

Several years ago, a trend started to rise. I believe it was perpetrated by Pinterest, but perhaps it doesn't matter who started it. What's important is that it must stop...

SASS - Something Went Wrong Reaching...

Tearing my hair out, trying to figure out what's wrong with my SASS files. I keep get a "something went wrong reaching..."

Random Thoughts on Strymr and Content Discovery

I jump from blog to blog. There is so much good content out there, people doing great things -- travelling, biking, climbing, backpacking. I want to find it all, but it's currently actually difficult. Sure, there is my facebook and google feeds pulling in content, but most of it's junk...

Using Handlebars Templates

It generally takes me a few minutes to tease out the right code on the handlebars page to get everything to work, here is the essential code for setting up a handlebars template via javascript...

A Simple Slideout Menu

I just wanted an easy slideout menu. Click on a link, and the menu slides out from the left side of the screen. Click on the link again, or somewhere else on the page, and the menu slides back in...

Two Directions

It seems like there are two directions an entrepeneur can take. One direction is to research a good market to enter, find a need, build a project, and hopefully make some money...

My Budgetting App Mockup

For the past year or so, we have been using a simple little budgetting app that I made to track our spending throughout the month. I decided to start making it a little prettier