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I design and code websites. I love working with startups, small businesses, and places where I can have an impact and make a difference. I believe great projects focus on a ease of use and a simple and clean aesthetic; a combination which inherently leads to the creation of something beautiful.

Recent Projects

Budgetting App


Education Must Become Technology-Based

Education is one of the most important features of a strong society, and can be easily argued that it is the most important aspect...

An Easy Android App GET and POST Content From URL Example

A bit of a tutorial on GET and POST within an Android App

Election 2016 in Graphs

I don't think there is anything really shocking or new with the graphs below, but it is always interesting to see our political views correlated with where we live, levels of education, and even things like obesity.

Pacifica Propaganda

With the recent election of Donald Trump, I decided to start my own country of Pacifica...

Reference a Variable Outside of a Handlebars Each Loop

Once within an Handlebars each loop, you can no longer just reference a variable that is outside the loop...

A Better Location for Portland's Public Market

Finding the perfect location for Portland's Public Market.

Simple Sticky Element

The user scrolls down the page and once the scrolling reaches the top of an element of my choosing, that element sticks to the top of the window, so it's always visible from that point on...

Chrome displays a different height than what Chrome says the height should be.

I was changing the height of an element, but no matter where I specified the height, it wasn't displaying what I was putting in

Lake Margaret Loop

Our beautiful loop trip to Lake Margaret in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness. The weather I would describe as "dynamic", with soaking rain showers, hail, sun breaks, and rainbows.

Pear Lake

It rained. Our goal was to do an out and back to Pear Lake -- a short nine mile or so trip. We made it out four miles the first day before we decided to set up the tent....

How to Make Bloated Software that Doesn't Suck

I like simplicity and ease of use, but I also like making software that accomplishes a lot. I think it's a challenge to add robustness without adding complication and negatively impacting ease of use...

Google Analytics Sucks

Yeah, it's a little blunt and harsh, but over the years I've been growing more and more disatisfied with the tool...

Jennie Lake Loop

A great trip through Jennie Lakes Wilderness with our 2.5 year old.

Hey San Diego: Utilize Your Waterfront Better!

San Diego has some of the best weather in the entire US, and being right on the coast, and a downtown that is adjacent to water, it has tremendous assets that other cities just can't match. It's interesting that until recently, downtown San Diego has done a pretty incredible job of cutting itself off from the amazing asset; it's waterfront...

The Little Man's First Backpacking Trip

The little man is nearly three, it's time to get him out on his first backpacking trip.

A Nicer Select Dropdown

Better select boxes are all over the internet, but I actually couldn't find one that I liked, and that worked for what I needed...

Sawmill Pass

I once again woke early on Friday, and was out the door by 3:30. I love those early morning drives when there is adventure waiting on the other end...

Removing the Horizontal Margins on a Google Chart Graph

I seem to be able to successfully modify quite a bit with google charts, but I couldn't find a good way to remove the horizontal padding to the left and right of a google graph. From what I can find, there really isn't a good way to do it...

PHP JSON Returned As Object Instead of Array

I was returning, what I thought was an array from PHP, but it kept returning it as a json object...

Riding in the Forbidden Zone

Perhaps the title for this post is a bit overblown, but I thought it sounded better than "Today's Bike Ride", and if there is one thing I've learned, it's that anytime you do anything outdoorsy or moderately adventurous, exaggerations always make things sound more epic...